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Research interests - multifrequency activity of Active Galactic Nuclei, from radio frequencies up to very high energy gamma rays, radiative processes - especially synchrotron emission and inverse-Compton scattering, and also particle acceleration inside astrophysical jets.

A few examples of my work

Multifrequency emission of Mrk 501. A simple explanation of the high energy emission of TeV blazars. Rapid variability of PKS 2155-304. Do we really need to assume very fast blobs to explain such rapid variability?
Astrophysical models, restricted access. Papers, presentations, exercises, restricted access.

For students

C/C++ programming and numerical methods, restricted access. Astrophysical jets - lecture, restricted access.
Radio astronomy laboratory, restricted access. Python programming, restricted access.
High Energy Astrophysics, restricted access. Python in astronomical exercises, restricted access.
High Energy Astrophysics for Physicists, restricted access. Mathematical Methods in Astronomy, restricted access.
Python and astro-statistic, restricted access. Programming for beginners, restricted access.
Numerical methods - Python course, restricted access.

Selected publications

Aharonian, F., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration) Discovery of a radiation component from the Vela pulsar reaching 20 teraelectronvolts 2023 Nature Astro, 7, 1341
Abdalla, H., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration) Time-resolved hadronic particle acceleration in the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi 2022 Science, 376, 77
Abdalla, H., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration) Revealing x-ray and gamma ray temporal and spectral similarities in the GRB 190829A afterglow 2021 Science, 372, 1081
Abdalla, H., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration) Resolving acceleration to very high energies along the jet of Centaurus A 2020 Nature, 582, 356
Abdalla, H., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration) Resolving the Crab pulsar wind nebula at teraelectronvolt energies 2020 Nature Astro, 4, 167
Abdalla, H., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration) A very-high-energy component deep in the γ-ray burst afterglow 2019 Nature, 575, 464
Goździewski, K., Gawroński, M., Katarzyński, K. & Rycyk, G., Another look at AM Herculis - radio-astrometric campaign with the e-EVN at 6 cm 2018 MNRAS, 475, 1399
Abbott, B. P., ... Katarzyński, K., et al. Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger 2017 ApJL, 848, 59
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Katarzynski, K. Hard MeV-GeV spectra of blazars 2012 A&A, 537A, 47
Katarzynski, K. & Walczewska, K. On the correlation between the X-ray and gamma-ray emission in TeV blazars 2010 A&A, 510A, 63
Acero,F., ... Katarzynski, K., et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration)
Detection of Gamma Rays from a Starburst Galaxy 2009 Science, 326, 1080
Acciari, V. A., ... Katarzynski, K. et al. (H.E.S.S. Collaboration)
Radio Imaging of the Very-High-Energy γ-Ray Emission Region in the Central Engine of a Radio Galaxy 2009 Science, 325, 444
Kunert-Bajraszewska, M., Siemiginowska, A., Katarzynski, K., Janiuk, A. X-rays from a Radio-Loud Compact Broad Absorption Line Quasar 1045+352 and the Nature of Outflows in Radio-Loud Broad Absorption Line Quasars 2009 ApJ, 705, 1356
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Lenain, J. P., Boisson, C., Sol, H., &, Katarzynski, K. A synchrotron self-Compton scenario for the very high energy gamma-ray emission of the radiogalaxy M87 2008 A&A, 478, 111
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Katarzynski, K., Ghisellini, G., Svensson, R., & Gracia, J. The cyclo-synchrotron process and particle heating through the absorption of photons 2006 A&A, 451, 739K
Katarzynski, K., Ghisellini, G., Tavecchio, F., Gracia, J., & Maraschi, L. Hard TeV spectra of blazars and the constraints to the infrared intergalactic background 2006 MNRAS, 368L, 52

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